Subject and Predicate

Every sentece has a two parts these called the sentence and predicate.
प्रत्येक वाक्य के दो भाग होते हैं जिन्हें वाक्य(sentence) और विधेय(predicate) कहते हैं।
Subject -: Subject is the word or groups of words about which something is said in the sentence. Subject वह शब्द या शब्दों का समूह है जिसके बारे में वाक्य में कुछ कहा जाता है।
Predicate -: Predicate is the word or groups of words which says or say something about the subject. विधेय (predicate)शब्द या शब्दों का समूह है जो subject के बारे में कुछ कहता है।
For example-: I read
They are playing.
The girls are singing a song
A regular and punctual student gets success

I read
Theyare playing
The Girlsare singing a song
A regular and punctual student Gets success
Now see the above sentece . A regular and punctual student get success.These are groups of subject.
Rules for Remember -: There are some rules define the subject and predicate
 1-:Subject शुरू में आता है, लेकिन वाक्य को सशक्त बनाने के लिए subject को विधेय(predicate) के बाद रखा जाता है। For example
Sweet are the uses of adversity.
Half clad went the Royal George.
Had He been punished for the offence ?
2-:In the Impertative sentence subject are understandable means अभियोगात्मक वाक्य में subject गायब हो जाते हैं For example
sit down ===You sit down.
3-: Some sentece are start withe there  कुछ वाक्य There से शुरू होते हैं। ऐसे वाक्य वास्तविक subject  संज्ञा(Noun) के बाद आते हैं।For example
There are forty students in the class.
There goes the bell.
4-: Predicate में कभी कभी अकेले एक ही verb आता है जो finite verb कहलाता है। ऐसे finite verb को predicate verb भी कहते है।  For example
He writes. The boys play.
5-:Predicate में कभी कभी finite verb के साथ object रहता है। for example
She Sells(F.v.) apples(o).
He bought oranges.   here bought is the finite verb and oranges is object.
6-: Some predicate has the finite verb and double object. In these object only one object denote the things and other object denote the person.(इन ऑब्जेक्ट में केवल एक object  चीजों को दर्शाता है और अन्य object  व्यक्ति को दर्शाता है।). Who denote the things called the direct object. and other is called the indirect object. for example
The teacher taught me  grammer.  In this example taught is the finite verb and me is indirect object and grammer is direct object.
He wrote Mohan a letter.
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